“Knowledge of Languages is the doorway to wisdom”

English department is committed to create an interest and appreciation of literature among the students. Teachers are dedicated to develop and to hone the skills required for the future generations globally. The performance of our students in the CBSE Board examination has always been commendable. Many of our students have received ‘Merit Certificate’ awarded by CBSE for scoring excellent marks in English. We have been providing good platform for our aspiring students to showcase their talents in many different literary fields. Students from the primary classes onwards are groomed and trained to compete in the different level of competitions. They are given a wide exposure and many are achieving accolades, bringing laurels to school and also building up self-confidence to step out into the future. Two of our students have bagged the First Prize in Poem Recitation at the Delhi state level competitions. Our young orators have given us proud moments by winning the rolling trophy for English debate conducted by Kerala School, Canning Road. We look forward to always work with zeal and with a conviction, that through the school portals, many thousand petals will bloom and blossom to the flowers of youth and manhood.


“Social Science – the science of understanding people’s needs and their unique relationship with art, literature, history, music, philosophy, community, psychology, political institutions, etc.”

Thus, Social Science is a scholarly study of human society and social relationships. It includes the study of man’s past and how he progressed in life, the study of cultural, social and physical development of humans, the study of social behaviour and societies, the study of earth and the way humans are dispersed on it, the study of political institutions and how they affect an individual’s life, etc.

The study of Social Science helps the learners to develop his/her personality and mould him/her into a responsible and sincere citizen of the country.

In our school, the learning of Social Science as a separate discipline is done from class IV onwards. In classes VI to VIII, the subject gets diversified into 3 parts – History, Geography and Political Science helping the learner to be familiar with our past, our social and political institutions and about our earth and its various domains. In classes           IX & X, Social Science has 4 parts – History, Geography, Political Science and Economics. In short, the learning of Social Science helps in the holistic development of the student.

We conduct various programmes to nurture the students’ talent as well as to impart additional knowledge beyond the text book. Social Science Quiz, Field Trips, Slogan Writing & Painting competitions, Exhibitions, Fancy Dress competitions, Debates, etc are a few worth mentioning. Besides, we are conducting special programmes on Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Kerala Piravi, National Constitution Day and Republic Day. Similarly, the birthdays of our national heroes, like, Subash Chandra Bose, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, …. are also celebrated to instil nationalistic sentiments among the young minds.

Thus, an overall social, emotional and cultural development of the students are tried to be achieved with the study of Social Science.


The Commerce Department of Kerala School Vikaspuri has a mission to create a congenial atmosphere for the comprehensive growth of each student. Along with the intellectual growth of student, we also stress on the emotional, social and spiritual development of the pupils. We envision to create future ambassadors of success.

Academic excellence and personality development is our prior importance. The aim is to create the promising youth, who can successfully face the future challenges of the competitive world

Team work and interpersonal skills are also given high priority.

by the Dept. to enhance the leadership qualities. The principal subjects that are taught are Accountancy, Business studies, and Economics. Our school recognizes the importance of commerce in today’s world and is focused on bringing that in our teaching modules. Our objective is to prepare our students to have a flourishing career in the fields of trade and business sector.

Our Commerce Department is famous for producing excellent Board result every year. For a well-rounded and holistic development of students, our school encourages students’ participation in various competitions like Commerce Teacher’s International Olympiad, enriching business quiz competitions, realistic debate competitions etc. Every year students used to grab various prizes and add glory to the school. We are proud to say that many of our students are today working as Chartered Accountants in reputed organisation. Many Students are taking Bachelor’s degree from Shri Ram College of Commerce (one of the best colleges for commerce) and is presently working for a reputed business organisation in high post.

“Work hard in silence and let the success make NOICE”


Science Curriculum is planned meticulously by the faculties in line with CBSE guidelines & taught at different levels of Primary, Middle, Secondary & Sr. Secondary through various pedagogical approach which enables the students to understand the interdependence between Science and Society.

Science Club
A team of teachers and student members continuously working to meet the objectives.

  • Students visit places like Planetarium, Museum, National Science Centre every year, Organizes Exhibitions Seminars & Workshops, conducted by scientists and eminent personalities.
  • Awareness Programs like “Save The Earth”, Campaign against plastic pollution
  • Work in Progress for release of Science Magazine

Assessment Criteria & Tools are formulated to broaden & enhance the teaching learning process in a joyful way.