School Disaster Management Committee

Disaster Management involves structuring of relevant policies and measures to prevent a hazard from becoming a disaster. Physical, natural and man-made hazard may exist everywhere. But a timely action can help in preventing the hazards and saving our life and property.

Remember: Earthquakes do not kill us. But our houses will.

The aim of Disaster Management programme in a school is to ensure the safety of students and staff during emergencies.  It involves the following steps:

Step 1: Constitution of School Disaster Management Committee

The School Disaster Management Committee has been formed with the following members:
1) Principal
2) Vice-Principal
3) Teachers:
   1. Mrs Bagyalakshmi N S
   2. Mrs Sudha Ajay
   3. Mrs Sumi Mathews
   4. Mr Mony C
   5. Mrs Deepa R
   6. Mrs Sindhu Anil
4) Head Boy and Head Girl
5) Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl

The Committee undertakes the necessary action plan for disaster management.

Step 2: Identification of potential hazards

Assessment of the existing hazards like, structural safety during earthquakes and fire and other potential non-structural hazards. Listing and mapping such hazards for further corrective measures.

Step 3: Preparation of evacuation route during emergencies and assembly points

Route map for the safe evacuation of students during any unforeseen events is prepared and displayed at various prominent points of the school. Specific areas are earmarked for the assembly of students after evacuation.

Step 4: Creating awareness and sensitization

Special assemblies are conducted in which skits, speeches and display of various methods to save our life during earthquakes, fire accidents, etc are done to create awareness among the staff and students about the potential hazards and to sensitize them the need to be safe and to help others in times of need.

Step 5: Conducting mock drills

Mock drills are conducted twice in a term to give practice for the safe evacuation during an emergency. An alarm bell is given and the students are safely evacuated to their assembly points. The members of the Disaster Management Committee monitor the activity in order to take corrective actions in the next mock session.

Step 6: Formation of a First-aid Team

A first-aid team is formed with the following members:

  • School Nurse
  • 2 Teachers each from Senior Secondary, Middle and Primary sections.
  • 2 students each from Senior Secondary, Middle and Primary sections.

Step 7: Installation of fire safety equipment

The school has installed Fire Extinguishers and Water carrying pipes across the building connecting to class rooms/corridors etc. to help manage in the event of fire.